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Can Reformer Pilates help reduce pain and Injury?

Pilates has been proven to be one of the best ways to to reduce Back and joint pain as well as prevent and rehabilitate injury. Many G.Ps are now recommending Pilates and lots of Physios and therapists are using Pilates exercises with the clients to help alleviate pain and injury. 

The great thing about the Pilates method is that it is so adaptable and therefore accessible to most. Exercises can be adapted to suit the individual and a good Pilates teacher should be able to guide and support you to find exercises that work for you and also get you results.

 "I'm struggling with pain or injury, can I try reformer Pilates?

Like Mat based Pilates Reformer Pilates is adaptable, it's just a case of finding the right level class for you. At Nu You Pilates we offer a 30 minute Express Nu Pain free you Reformer class specifically for those with Chronic Pain or Injury. These classes focus on the problem areas which may cause pain and injury and work on releasing and strengthening those areas as well as improving mobility and balance. 

We also have our You Move Freely sessions for those who want to reduce aches, pains and move more freely but also to help you strengthen the muscles and tone the whole body.

"So, will Reformer Pilates get me better results than Mat Based Pilates?"

The short answer is YES. Reformer has been proven to excel results. This is partly due to the way our bodies respond to the feedback the reformer machines give us. The Reformer machines can also support us to make movement more focused and controlled as well as adding an extra element of strength work using the springs and pulleys to add resistance.

Mat based Pilates is still one of the best ways to improve posture, balance, core stability and muscle strength and tone. The Reformer simply takes the Pilates method and it's fundamentals and enhances these benefits. 

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