Hertfordshire based Pilates studio and classes specialising in helping you to reduce your back & joint pain, move more freely and live life to the fullest

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Why We Are Different


Our Pilates classes are small to ensure you receive individual attention and guidance. We pay close attention to your specific needs and personalise your experience.


We take a full mind and body approach in all of our sessions. We will teach you how to be aware of your body as a whole, how to move better and reduce pain and how to switch off and focus reducing stress and tension.


When you join Nu You Pilates you become part of our unique, non judgemental community all with the goal of supporting and motivating each other to become the best (Pain Free) version of you!

How to Take the First Step

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    Simply apply for a taster session so you can try us out and see how different we are without making any commitment.
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    Speak to one of our friendly team so they can discuss any injuries or pain you might have and suggest the best session for you.
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    Come along and discover how friendly and welcoming our sessions are. See how different a NuYou Pilates experience can be.

Apply for a trial so that we can help you discover how you can start to feel fitter, stronger and more like the old you

Here’s What Others Have to Say

Why Nu You Pilates Is Right for You

We know living with Back or Joint Pain can be frustrating.

Our experienced team will teach you how through Pilates you can become stronger, reduce your pain and move more freely every day so that you can get back to the things you love doing without pain.

My name is Nicole and I created NuYou Pilates to help Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Ware and Hertford residents take control of aches and pains and move more freely.

After spending years teaching high impact fitness classes and then having my first child I realised my body needed something different. I had back pain, joint injuries and I was struggling to return to fitness after having a c-section. I discovered through pilates I was able to recover from surgery and reduce my pain, regain my mobility and enjoy life again. I decided I wanted to help as many people achieve the same.

Pilates had such a profound effect on my life my husband Tim Joined me in the business and now we work side by side to help as many people look and feel better as possible.

Our classes are designed to teach you the best way to move so that you can build strength, decrease discomfort around your joints and improve flexibility. Our expert instructors consider your individual needs to make sure you have the most effective and safe exercises that allow you to take back control of your health and wellbeing.

Apply for a trial so that we can help you discover how you can start to feel fitter, stronger and more like the old you