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Pilates and Post Surgery Recovery

Speaking from personal experience, I can endorse the benefits of Pilates, wholeheartedly. As stated in my first blog for Nu You Pilates, I have Multiple Sclerosis. The benefits of regularly practicing Pilates has been dynamic. However, what I didn’t mention, is that two years ago, I underwent emergency Total Hip Replacement surgery (long story). Although I did […]

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10 Benefits of Pilates

TEN BENEFITS of PILATES The benefits of Pilates are numerous. I could write a hundred thousand word article, singing its praises, and throw in lots of facts,  but I doubt anyone has that time to read it. So, I shall keep this brief. Below, I have managed to whittle down the super advantages of Pilates, to […]

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Pilates in the Fight Against Depression

Created by Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer, he began practising his new method of body conditioning as an intern during World War I, spurred by his own ailments. By 1926 he and his wife, Clara had embarked on teaching the Pilates method by way of rehabilitation classes for the dance community in New York. […]

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Pilates For Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable and incurable neurological condition that can affect the brain and spinal cord. It’s a lifelong condition that sometimes causes serious disability, although it can occasionally be mild. The symptoms are as varied as the type of MS you may get, causing a wide range of potential symptoms; in particular, loss […]

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