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Pilates and Post Surgery Recovery

Speaking from personal experience, I can endorse the benefits of Pilates, wholeheartedly.

As stated in my first blog for Nu You Pilates, I have Multiple Sclerosis. The benefits of regularly practicing Pilates has been dynamic. However, what I didn’t mention, is that two years ago, I underwent emergency Total Hip Replacement surgery (long story).

Although I did everything to a tee for text book rehabilitation, I felt that something wasn’t right. I know that major invasive surgery and MS don’t go hand in hand, and my recovery was going to take longer than someone without a condition, but I felt that my walking was worse, my gait was completely askew and worse, the pain in my groin was excruciating. My range of movement was limited beyond recognition. I couldn’t even lift my leg to tread on a step without the pain hindering my mobility. I would have to drag myself up. Frustrated and often tearful, I felt that this was going to be my lot from hereon in. Not only had the accident changed my life but so did the surgery.

Speaking with an orthopaedic surgeon at my yearly consultation, he suggested that I may have to have another operation to remove the tissue damage in my groin and hip. I could have cried. The thought of going through another procedure and potentially enduring the same experience as when I had the THR, had sent me into panic mode. Mentioning that I am undergoing physio and am trying to recommence Pilates, the surgeon agreed that this may be a good idea.

I went to see a private doctor for a second opinion. I’m glad I did. He instructed a radiographer to conduct an X-Ray on me so that he knew what he was dealing with. All in all, the doctor preferred that I avoid any more surgery and agreed that I continue with Pilates.

Within two weeks of participating in Pilates online classes once a week and daily mini workouts that the instructors post via Instagram and their website, I am pain free ! It’s been three months since I started back up, and I can honestly say that I’m functioning so much better. I don’t need painkillers and most importantly, I WON’T NEED ANOTHER OPERATION !! Priceless.

So, in all of what I’m saying, is that Pilates really is conducive to rehabilitation from surgery and injury.

Take care, Eva x

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