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Memberships at Nu You Pilates Hoddesdon

Nu You Pilates Hoddesdon Memberships. 

Standard Class Membership – Includes Nu Pain Free You and You Move Freely Mat Based Classes in Hoddesdon.

1 Mat based class per week £42 per month (4 Class Credits per month plus 4 bonus credits per year)

2 Mat based classes per week £69 per month (8 Class Credits per month plus 8 bonus credits per year)

All Memberships also include…

Access to our extensive workout video library website

Access to our Facebook Support Group plus

Access to coach via our exclusive members email address

Frequently asked questions

Which Membership is recommended to get maximum results?

We recommend attending a class at least twice per week to really feel the benefits. Don’t forget you also get access to our extensive workout video library so that you can practice at home in between classes and you can upgrade your membership to include Mat Based classes at our Hertford studio too!

I have signed up, what happens next?

Once you’ve signed up you will then receive an email via our online booking system (GoTeam Up) asking you to set up your account and payment your own personal login to access this. You will also be prompted to fill in our Pre Exercise questionnaire (if you haven’t done so previously) and to read and sign our terms and conditions.

Once I set up my membership am I tied in for a period of time?

No there is no tie in with our memberships,  just a month by month payment. If you wish to cancel simply let us know 30 days before your next payment. 

Do I have to do the same class each week?

No you can swap classes to suit subject to availability. You will be able to do this via our online booking system. 

What if I am away or can’t make class?

Don’t worry, classes are flexible so if you know you can’t make a class you can simply book in to an alternative class within the month. If you need a little longer to catch up just let us know so that we can roll the credit over to the following month. You can cancel and reschedule classes through our online booking system up to 8 hours before the class start time without losing your credit.

If you have any further questions please contact 07985608842 or